Next week CitiGen PI Hannes Schroeder will present at the Wenner-Gren Symposium ‘Atlantic Slavery and the Making of the Modern World’, held in Sintra, Portugal. Hannes will be presenting a joint paper written with Sarah Abel, entitled ‘Essential origins: the role of genetics in constructing historic and contemporary identities’. The paper will discuss the use of genetics as a tool for estimating ‘ethnic’ origins, and the ramifications of these approaches for shedding new light on histories of transatlantic slavery. The...


On Friday 12 October, CitiGen postdoc Sarah Abel will present at the conference ‘Identity & identification by DNA’, hosted at the EHESS Paris. Her paper is entitled ‘Written in our DNA? Genomic ancestry testing and the reclaiming of “lost” histories’, and will focus on the use of ancient DNA and genetic genealogy techniques to shed light on histories of transatlantic slavery. For the full conference programme, click here.


On April 6th, CitiGen PI Hannes Schroeder and Matthew Collins organized an Archeology Research Day at the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. The meeting brought together archaeologists and researchers from related fields from across Denmark and beyond and featured a series of talks and poster presentations of on ongoing research. For the full programme, click here.


This Thursday, Sarah Abel and Gísli Pálsson will present a joint paper at the opening of the new exhibition “FOLK – from racial types to DNA sequences” at Oslo’s Teknisk Museum.


This week members of the CitiGen network attended a conference in Vienna held by our funders, Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA).


This week, an article by CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel was published in the journal Genealogy, as part of a special issue entitled “Sankofa; or ‘Go Back and Fetch it’: Merging Genealogy and Africana Studies”.


On Wednesday 23 February, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel presented as part of the CRASSH seminar series “Power and Vision: The Camera as Political Technology” at the University of Cambridge.


Research by CitiGen project members was covered in Science Magazine this week. Read the full story here.


CitiGen researchers Hannes Schroeder, Pierpaolo Maisano Delser, Dan Bradley et al. published a paper on the Origins and Genetic Legacies of the Caribbean Taino in PNAS this week. The paper can be found here.


Today CitiGen PI Hannes Schroeder gave a talk at the Pufendorf Institute in Lund, Sweden, as part of a seminar series on the Role of Archeology and Ancient DNA in Migration Research.


CitiGen PI Dan Bradley was interviewed on Irish national radio this week in relation to the Cheddar Man facial reconstruction study carried out by the British National History Museum and UCL.


On Friday 20 October the CitiGen team gathered in Dublin for our latest network meeting, which was scheduled to coincide with Ireland’s biggest annual genealogy show, Back to Our Past.


On 4th October, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel presented at the 5th conference on Ethnicity, Race, and Indigenous Peoples, organised by the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) in Morelia, Mexico.


On 2 October, CitiGen PI Hannes Schroeder gave a lecture on human evolution and ancient DNA at Roskilde University.


On Friday 22nd September, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel will take part in a public symposium on “International Family History”, held at Manchester Central Library.