On Friday 20 October the CitiGen team gathered in Dublin for our latest network meeting, which was scheduled to coincide with Ireland’s biggest annual genealogy show, Back to Our Past.


On 4th October, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel presented at the 5th conference on Ethnicity, Race, and Indigenous Peoples, organised by the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) in Morelia, Mexico.


On 2 October, CitiGen PI Hannes Schroeder gave a lecture on human evolution and ancient DNA at Roskilde University.


On Friday 22nd September, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel will take part in a public symposium on “International Family History”, held at Manchester Central Library.


On 11th September, CitiGen PI Hannes Schroeder presented a paper at the Saxo Institute entitled “History in our genes: What DNA can reveal about our past”.


On 21st July, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel presented a paper for the ESRC seminar series “Genetics, technology, security and justice. Crossing, contesting and comparing boundaries” at Durham University.


Between 3-14 July, CitiGen members ran a summer school in archaeomics at the University of Copenhagen.


On 6th July, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel presented a paper on naming practices in the context of slavery in the Danish Caribbean, at a symposium held at the University of Leicester on the topic “Becoming and Belonging: the Significance of Personal Names”.


On 24th May, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel presented a paper based on her PhD research at the conference Politique de la trace, organised by the Ethopol research group at Toulouse Jean Jaurès University.


On 16th and 17th May, CitiGen members Hannes Schroeder, Sarah Abel and Dan Bradley gave public talks as part of this year’s Pint of Science festival in Cambridge, UK. 


On 6 May 2017, the documentary film “The Man Who Stole Himself: Hans Jonathan” was broadcast on Icelandic State Television (RÚV), featuring scenes and interviews with CitiGen researcher Gísli Pálsson. The documentary was produced in cooperation with Bryndís Kristjánsdóttir and Valdimar Leifsson, and was shown in English and Icelandic. The programme follows the life of Hans Jonathan, who was born into slavery in the Danish West Indies in 1784, and ended his life a free man in Iceland. Today, there are several...


On 4 April 2017, CitiGen researchers Hannes Schroeder and Gísli Pálsson presented at a Vin & Videnskab (Wine & Science) event held at the Geological Museum, Copenhagen University.


This month sees the release of the Danish translation of CitiGen PI Gísli Pálsson’s recent book The Man Who Stole Himself. 


On 11 February, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel was interviewed about the results of her PhD research into the social uses of DNA ancestry data in Brazil and the US, during her trip to the RootsTech genealogy convention in Salt Lake City.


This Thursday, HERA published a short video on the theme “Why Humanities Matter”, based on interviews with members of the projects who received funding from HERA under the “Uses of the Past” call.