Today, CitiGen PL Hannes Schroeder presented a paper at a workshop on palaeogenetics and archaeology in Barcelona. The title of his paper was Kinship, social structures, and social inequality: New stories from ancient DNA.


Next week CitiGen postdoc Sarah Abel will be attending the annual American Anthropological Association conference in Vancouver, where she will be presenting aspects of her research from the CitiGen project.


This weekend, CitiGen postdoc Sarah Abel will give a presentation based on her research at a community event on DNA, genealogy and identity at the Mockingbird Theatre in Birmingham.


Today Sarah Abel and Hannes Schroeder travelled to Gdansk to participate in the HERA closing conference. Looking forward to 2 days of presentation and discussion.


The PhD summer school in Archaeogenetics (www.archeaomics.ku.dk) at the University of Copenhagen kicked off today, with 30 participants from all over the world, including Europe, Asia, North and South America.


Today, CitiGen PL Hannes Schroeder presented on recent research in ancient DNA at a meeting of archaeologists in Hemmenhofen, Lake Constance.


This Tuesday 11th June, CitiGen postdoc Sarah Abel will present a seminar paper at the University of Porto’s Department of Health and Society, entitled “Can DNA ancestry testing debunk racist ideologies?” The presentation draws on Sarah’s work on the uses of DNA ancestry in the United States and Brazil, and examines the ways in which these technologies can be open to both racist and anti-racist uses. The seminar is organised jointly by the Instituto de Saúde Pública da Universidade de...


CitiGen researchers Sarah Abel and Gísli Pálsson, and historian George F. Tyson, have published a new paper on the use of names to trace patterns of kinship, ancestry, and belonging in the context of slavery.


On 27 February CitiGen PL Hannes Schroeder presented at the Wine and Science event at the Natural History Museum of Copenhagen. Attended by over 450 people, the evening was entitled “Roots Of Europe” and other speakers included archaeologist Kristian Kristiansen and linguists Guus Kroonen and Benedicte Nielsen Whitehead.


This week, CitiGen researchers led a roundtable discussion at the “DNA and History” conference in Manchester.


This week CitiGen PL Hannes Schroeder presents at the Lorentz Center in Leiden.


Today Sarah, Pierpaolo, Stefania and Hannes met with curators and exhibition specialists at the Museum of London to discuss how to translate the results of ancient genome studies into museum settings.


This Saturday, CitiGen postdoc Sarah Abel will give a talk entitled “Can genetics tell us who we are?” at the Irish World Heritage Centre, Manchester, as part of the UK’s nationwide festival of humanities, Being Human. Sarah’s talk will look at the origins of political and scientific ideas about race and inheritance, linking this to the way we continue to think about identity, and the categories that are reproduced in DNA ancestry tests today. The presentation will cover themes from...


On 1 November, CitiGen PI Hannes Schroeder gave the opening keynote at the 15th Congress of the Latin American Association of Biological Anthropology in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.


Next week CitiGen PI Hannes Schroeder will present at the Wenner-Gren Symposium ‘Atlantic Slavery and the Making of the Modern World’, held in Sintra, Portugal. Hannes will be presenting a joint paper written with Sarah Abel, entitled ‘Essential origins: the role of genetics in constructing historic and contemporary identities’. The paper will discuss the use of genetics as a tool for estimating ‘ethnic’ origins, and the ramifications of these approaches for shedding new light on histories of transatlantic slavery. The...