On 24th May, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel will present a paper based on her PhD research at the conference Politique de la trace, organised by the Ethopol research group at Toulouse Jean Jaurès University.


On 16th and 17th May, CitiGen members Hannes Schroeder, Sarah Abel and Dan Bradley gave public talks as part of this year’s Pint of Science festival in Cambridge, UK. 


On 11 February, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel was interviewed about the results of her PhD research into the social uses of DNA ancestry data in Brazil and the US, during her trip to the RootsTech genealogy convention in Salt Lake City.


This Thursday, HERA published a short video on the theme “Why Humanities Matter”, based on interviews with members of the projects who received funding from HERA under the “Uses of the Past” call.


On 8 December, CitiGen PI Hannes Schroeder was featured in a Nature Magazine article for his ancient DNA work on human remains excavated from an African burial ground on the island of St. Helena.


On 21 November, CitiGen PI Dan Bradley presented a talk at Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin in Londonderry.


This week CitiGen PI Gísli Pálsson is in the US, talking about his new book The Man Who Stole Himself. The work follows the remarkable life of Hans Jonathan, who was born into slavery on the Danish island of St. Croix and eventually claimed freedom in Iceland.


On 10 November, Dan Bradley presented a seminar on “Ancient European genomics: a view from the west” at the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies at Aberystwyth University.


On 18 October, CitiGen post-doc Bart Lambert was interviewed on BBC Radio Humberside’s Phil White Show about alien identities in the East Riding of Yorkshire during the later Middle Ages. Bart also gave a talk on the subject for the Hull branch of the Historical Association on 20 October.


In “Immigration and the Common Profit: Native Cloth Workers, Flemish Exiles, and Royal Policy in Fourteenth-Century London”, CitiGen post-doc Bart Lambert and Milan Pajic revisit the well-known massacre of Flemish people in London in 1381. 


CitiGen’s official kick-off meeting took place at the Natural History Museum of Denmark from 12-13 October.


This Thursday CitiGen PI Gísli Pálsson presented a talk at the Vestindiske Kulturambassade, Copenhagen, on his recent book on the life of Hans Jonathan – a man born into slavery in the Danish West Indies, and who eventually claimed his freedom in Iceland.


In this new article, published in the French journal Nuevo Mundo, Mundos Nuevos, CitiGen post-doc Sarah Abel examines the way in which genetic ancestry tests have been promoted and developed over the last two decades as a genealogical tool, with the aim of locating the geographic and ethnic origins of diasporic groups.


This week, members of the CitiGen project attended the launch event for HERA’s new Joint Research Programme “Uses of the Past”, held in Prague.


CitiGen PI Gísli Pálsson’s new book The Man Who Stole Himself was released this month. The work is based on the true story of Hans Jonathan, a man born into slavery on the Danish island of St. Croix, who eventually claimed his freedom in Iceland.